Earthlanka Youth Network

We are an independent group that showcases the latest news and information about Sri Lanka’s environmental issues. We specialize in comparisons and proposing new concepts through subject experts’ acceding to the changing environment in Sri Lanka as well as globally.

The Earth Lanka Youth Network- a child of the Earth Lanka network - was created to empower the younger Sri Lankan generations towards sustainability.

Clear comprehensive understanding of Earth Lanka’s vision/goal.

EarthLanka started as an online media network started in 2009 with a group of passionate journalists from 15 different countries. Our headquarter is based in Colombo, Sri Lanka and the regional office for the middle east was established in Doha, Qatar. The website was involved with running on news about sustainable development, scientific research, environment topics, and health and disaster management topics. Today, the EarthLanka website functions as a news portal on science and the environment in Sri Lanka and the website is registered under the News Web Media Act introduced by the Ministry of Media & Information in Sri Lanka. It is also the only news casting website on science and the environment in Sri Lanka Our news team comprises of 20 journalist’s news correspondents around the world.

EarthLanka Youth Network EarthLanka Youth Network is slowly yet steadily beginning to expand its outreach and form strategic partnerships with like-minded organizations and individuals through the youth online community, working with the young network under EarthLanka which was registered under Central Environment Authority, Ministry of Environment Sri Lanka since 2010. The online EarthLankayouth network which has been working actively since 2015 as an individual body now registered as EarthLanka Youth Network (Guarantee) limited working heavily with young people in recognizing them in society and bringing up their initiatives for the development in Sri-Lanka.

Impact and Achievements

  • As a leading organization contributed to the National Voluntary People’s Review for the Agenda 2030 that was held in the High-level Political Forum July 2018

  • Global Goals Youth Campaign” YouthPower” for 2030 where we will be the official representatives for the youth campaign in Sri Lanka.

  • Leading organization that contributed to the establishment of the Sri Lanka SDG Stakeholder Platform.

  • Empowered school children in the coastal belt on environment protection.

  • Created the first ever side event for Sri Lanka in UNFCCC and created a digital media campaign on Human Ecological footprint “Make It Green Again

  • One of the global partners for Action 2015 and Local Focal point for Sri Lanka and our key activities of SL campaign was featured every part of the world through social media

  • Partnered for the first ever regional youth climate summit for climate action in South Asia

  • Local Focal point for Global power shift Sri Lankan chapter against climate change

  • Country focal point Asia Pacific Regional CSO Engagement Mechanism UN ESCAP for youth

  • As a leading organization contributed for the youth draft for Rio+20 national statements held in Rio 2012.

  • Country Focal Point for Global Youth Biodiversity Network under the UNCBD.

  • Hosted the first-ever national side event with Climate Change Secretariat for Sri Lanka in COP 14 UNFCCC held in Peru

  • Ongoing Digital Media Awareness Campaign in the Middle East Region since 2015 “My Climate Action Campaign”

Our Vision

Towards building a generation of young people committed to positive social change protecting the Ecology, the fauna, the flora and exploring and promoting active global awareness for safeguarding the earth’s natural resources.

Our Mission

To create and sustain and protect the environment by creating spaces for young people to express themselves and take action on Environment issues, which they feel strongly for safeguarding the earth’s natural resources.

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